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Tips for Caregivers: Dementia and Alzheimer's

Caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's presents unique circumstances that caregivers will need to help manage. This progressive disease will impact not only your loved one's physical health, but also changes in their personality and behavior.

Getting Started

What to do right now

If you’re caring for a person with progressing dementia, we’ve pulled together some key tips to keep you and your loved one healthy, safe, and supported.

Tips & Solutions

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Tip 1:
Assemble your care team
Dementia care is a role that can last for many years. It can be isolating, confusing, and is a 24/7 effort. Do not try to do this alone — reach out to people for help.
  • Enlist friends and relatives. Ask them to take care shifts, bring meals, help with housework, or whatever else is needed.
  • Join a caregiver support group. This is your safe place to connect, vent, and get advice.
  • Hire in-home helpers. Whether you hire respite care to provide temporary relief or regular help with laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., in-home helpers help lighten the daily load.
  • Get extra help: Find an experienced dementia caregiver on

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