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National Caregivers Day: Ways to Celebrate

Written by CircleOf Staff
February 06, 2023
National Caregivers Day: Ways to Celebrate
National Caregivers Day is every year on the third Friday in February, find tips to celebrate the caregivers in your life.

Caregivers support others, and they deserve all the praise and recognition in the world. In fact, at CircleOf, we believe every day should be Caregivers Day — but National Caregivers Day is a fantastic opportunity to shower your special person with love (and gifts).

Whether you’re celebrating your caregiver’s day with your caregiver or a group of friends, chances are love is the most significant part of how you mark the occasion! Let's talk about it.

What Is National Caregivers Day?

What is care? It is NOT just tasks. It is so much more than that, even though taking care of someone seems to translate into doing things for others many times before yourself. Caregivers have a unique sense of belonging that ties them to others.

Much of the care work happens out of the spotlight, which is why sometimes it is referred to as "invisible labor," but it is highly visible. National Caregivers Day was 'invented' in 2015 by the Providers Association for Home Health & Hospice Agencies (PAHHHA). Yep, five years before COVID made caregiving stand in the spotlight.

The first National Caregivers Day was celebrated in 2016, giving caregivers around the country a special day to be showered with the praise and recognition they deserve.

3 Reasons to Celebrate National Caregivers Day

With the new year underway, you may feel like you’re just coming up for air after the holidays. Though your day may be busy, it’s always worth letting caregivers know how much you appreciate their service.

Here are a few reasons why National Caregivers Day should celebrate this day.

Caregivers Are You and Me

The work of a family caregiver usually happens in the background of everyday life. Yet, daily, they keep caring without much fanfare or recognition.

Caregiving is undoubtedly essential, rewarding work, but it is also stressful: 22% of caregivers take care of two adults, and 7% take care of three or more. They may help with weekly errands and housework, provide daily support in all aspects of life, or somewhere in between.

Could you give your caregiver some meaningful support? Like getting their house cleaned, a meal cooked for them, or a day off. It's easy with because they help with all of the realities that caregivers need.

Caregivers Need Your Support

Caregivers spend so much of their time taking care of others. They often have full-time jobs on top of their caregiving responsibilities and may sometimes feel emotionally drained or stretched thin. Some studies show that caregivers are at higher risk of depression and physical health problems — especially older caregivers and women, who tend to take on more caregiving tasks than men.

In short, caregivers need support, too. To find out what they need and do it.

Caregivers Are Often Unpaid

There are 53 million unpaid caregivers in the United States. We caregivers often support an aging family member on top of a full-time job — not to mention everyday responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Many caregivers even provide ongoing financial support to their loved ones, further adding to the economic impact of their role.

With all the time, money, and effort that goes into caregiving, a thoughtful gift will help them know that they are not alone in this. Here are menaingful ways to say "I see you, and thank you!".

6 Ideas for Celebrating National Caregivers Day

A hurdle to good gift-giving is knowing what to get. Thankfully, recognizing a caregiver doesn’t have to be complicated — even a simple note is enough to show your thanks. If you want to go the distance, a thoughtful gift basket or help with the work are perfect ways to express appreciation.

Check out these six ideas for celebrating National Caregivers Day this year.

1. From the Heart

An excellent thank you note is more than a signature on a store-bought greeting card. File this under fun and affordable love letters for your caregivers.

Creativity and laughter take the lead with something like a Jib-Jab. It's been around 15 years, bringing goofy, fun videos with you in it to life. Just your images and humor and makes a video for you and a smile for them. Seriously, all caregivers can use a chuckle.

A card, book, or something creative from Walmart works too. Write the 50 ways why you appreciate the caregiver in your life. You don’t have to be a poet — even a quick list will be enough to make them smile.

2. A Thoughtful Gift Card

You can find out what they like - a favorite restaurant or store. If you don't know that - make a custom gift basket like the ones. A gift card could be for any monetary amount, and Walmart sells lots of them for you. So give a Starbucks gift card to a coffee lover, a store gift card to someone who loves to shop, or even a massage gift to the caregiver who needs a de-stressor; all of us.

3. Food or Sweet Treats

Many of the best gifts are baked! If you don’t want to spend much money, take an afternoon to bake a sweet treat for a caregiver who deserves recognition. Whip up their favorite cookie, a mini bundt cake, or a pan of brownies. If you’re not a baker, head to the ice cream aisle and drop off a pint of your favorite flavor.

Since we are talking about food, let's consider getting a meal or two taken care of for them and you. Check out Gobble and get food on one table that doesn’t require a reservation or getting out of our comfy pants. If you need food for a specific diet, check out Balance by BistroMD, as they have six unique diet plans that can inspire you.

4. Make an At-Home Spa Kit

Just about every caregiver could use a chance to relax and practice some self-care. So help them create an at-home spa kit with scented candles, body lotion, essential oils, and a bath bomb. Pair it with a good book, and they’ll have a fabulous night off.

Both Thrive, and the Gift Basket Store have customizable creative options. Check them out to see unique ways to make a custom gift.

5. Post on Social Media

Since caregivers often serve in the background, a bit of public recognition could be an excellent way to show your love and support. Post a photo of them in action on social media and tell the world why you appreciate the caregivers in your life.

Use common #hashtags and get in on the larger conversation so your caregivers can see that they are not in this alone. Some of the hashtags are #nationalcaregiversday #caregiving #familycaregiver #carematters #caregiver #family

Encourage your friends and family to post a comment with stories and appreciation.

6. Something Sparkly

Does the caregiver in your life get meaning from all the care they do? Of course, all nurturers see the purpose in their actions; but it is lovely to have a personalized frame, piece of jewelry, or something they can wear that shows the meaning.

I would have loved something from Eve's Addiction. They make affordable, personalized jewelry. But, seriously, take a look at the gorgeous ways to express what caregivers do. The sentiment and feel of your love and appreciation touch them.

Dates for National Caregivers Day

You’re on top of it this year — now, don’t let National Caregivers Day pass by in the future! The holiday is always on the third Friday in February, so mark your calendar and start brainstorming how to celebrate in the future. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend about $25.9 billion on February 14. So let's move that goalpost, as my dad would say.

Another way to remember National Caregivers Day is that it is a meaningful holiday in February that does not need $200 roses. Keep caring for caregivers because they make the world go round, in our opinion.

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