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Gift Ideas for Caregivers

Written by Michele Houck
December 12, 2022
Gift Ideas for Caregivers
Finding gifts for caregivers and the people they take care of can be a challenge sometimes; CircleOf shares some choices that will inspire and help show what they mean to you.

Whether you are a family caregiver or know someone who is, any day is the perfect time to show extra appreciation for the ones who care for us most. We are caregivers and want to make gifting for caregivers easier and meaningful.

7 Thoughtful Gifts for Caregivers

People ask, what are the best gifts for caregivers?

Caregivers are as individual as you and I. They significantly impact so many lives, and their hard work needs to be celebrated and valued.

Choosing The Right Gift Can Be Challenging

Where do you start? Showing caregivers you care with actions, words, and gratitude is essential to recognize the massive effort that goes into what they do.

It doesn’t take a significant gesture to show caregivers you are thinking about them; simple things like a prepared meal, gifts to help them organize, or giving them some time off. But what about physical gifts? Inspiration is part of finding memorable gifts that can improve the lives of others.  Here are seven thoughtful gift ideas that show how much you care for the caregivers in your life.

GreenCo Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Tray

At only $18.60, Walmart’s versatile foldable tray serves more than just food; it reminds your caregiver that it’s okay to enjoy a slow morning everyone once in a while.

Greenco Foldable Bamboo Breakfast Table Serving Tray, Laptop Desk, Bed Table, Breakfast in Bed Tray, Bed Table Tray with legs

Whether they use it as a breakfast tray and eat breakfast in bed, a laptop tray to watch their favorite Christmas movie, or a bedside table to house their favorite book and a flower, this gift is sure to please.

Healthy Gift Baskets

Food has been known across many cultures and generations to bring people together. As a family caregiver, it can be hard to maintain a healthy diet when you are short on time and energy.

Holiday gift baskets delivered include something for everyone from food gift baskets, plants and gifts.

Treat your caregiver with a unique healthy food basket from The Gift Basket Store, starting at $44.99. Not only will they enjoy these tasty treats, but they will also enjoy a night off from meal prep or visiting the grocery store.

Amazon Movie of the Month Club

If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, check out Amazon’s Movie of the Month Club.

Starting at $33.95 with seasonal, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month membership options, you can treat your caregiver with a large selection of popcorn and sweet treats to accompany the free Redbox movie rental code they will get each month.

Either a quiet movie night alone or a family movie night with their loved ones, this thoughtful gift is sure to earn you a glowing review.

Lula’s Garden - Succulents

Is your caregiver a plant lover? How about a beautiful low-maintenance plant lover? Yes, please!

Lula’s Garden offers beautiful holiday gift succulents

Lula’s Garden has gorgeous gift succulents that add extra love and comfort to your caregiver's home. With so many gifts and price ranges, your options to spoil your caregiver are endless!

Eve’s Addiction - Custom Jewelry

We’ve said it before: caregivers are the true MVPs. Jewelry and affordable custom keepsakes are great ways to ensure their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

personalized jewelry and gifts, and has grown to include Designer Style Jewelry, Monogram Jewelry and Birthstone Jewelry.

We appreciate the free customization of many of these jewelry pieces. Your gift of a unique piece of jewelry may be the perfect wearable reminder of how much they’re valued.

Brookstone Gravity Weighted Blanket

Cozy up! When you feel like a hug and “thank you” aren’t enough, give your caregiver the gift of relaxation. This lux, a therapeutic weighted blanket, is scientifically proven to help improve sleep and reduce stress.

Brookstone’s Gravity Weighted Blanket

Brookstone's Gravity Weighted Blanket is known to regulate the nervous system and comes in three different colors and two weight selections, 15 lbs or 20 lbs. After a long day, this gift will help your family caregiver to relax and recharge.

TOPIX 424 Conversation Starters

What to say? This next best gift for your caregiver and their friends and family allows people to come together in a shared activity and cultivate great conversations.

With 424 conversation starters, we’re sure your caregiver will be talking about this gift for a long time!

More Gifting Inspiration

See other unique gift ideas that inspires giving in the holidays and all year long. We organized these with support a caregiver will appreciate.

Tasty Treats and Organic Eats

Just because or for the holidays. Check out The Gift Basket Store. For over 35 years, we have provided quality gifts with exceptional customer service, making it easy to find gifts for every occasion.

Healthy subscriptions with Thrive Markets deliver organic and healthy food for significant savings all year round. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that sells organic foods at up to 50% off retail.

Healthy snacks and treats can be found at Go Puff. They have low-calorie and low-sugar options that are flavorful and nutrient-dense.

Family Fun Times

Games, movies, entertainment, and clever support items are found at Best Buy. For families who care for adults and younger children, Best Buy also partnered with Common Sense Media to give guidance on the gaming content of a game and that the entertainment is appropriate for their families and fun to play.

Long-distance caregivers love the Amazing Clubs. They have 44 amazing clubs, subscriptions, and options to fit any budget; they are highly rated, have excellent customer service, and have the gifts they’ll love month after month. Cake of the Month is a personal favorite!

Painting is fun with friends and family. We like to paint it and share its activities because they are great for aging adults or people just starting to discover their inner artists. The Bob Ross watercolors are a massive hit with old and young in our family.

Another painting set we like is from Relish . These are lovely for nature lovers and people with dementia or Alzheimer's. Relish has gifts that are brain-stimulating activities.

My family also gets many a giggle out of this game; What do you, Meme? Most of us don't know what a MEME is, but this game is easy and fun for everyone.

Our Moments really joins the family together. This is almost like a short story corps at home. Our Moments Generations has 100 thought-provoking conversation starters for older adult generations and younger people to build understanding—a great card game for road trips, game nights, and family time.

Gifts For The Caregiver or You

TheraBox inspires happier lives with therapist-approved self-care subscription boxes that have practical joy-boosting activities & thoughtful self-care products. Worthy of a caregiver.

Get to know yourself with EverlyWell. You can understand yourself from the inside out. For example, you can test hormones related to unexpected changes in weight and energy. From Food Sensitivities and understanding your critical biomarkers to mysteries of sluggishness or other personal discovery.

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