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5 Caregiving Questions with Roz Jones

Written by Roz Jones
November 01, 2021
5 Caregiving Questions with Roz Jones

CircleOf spent time getting to know leaders who make a difference in their community, and we want you to know them too.

Roz Jones is a professional caregiver, coach, speaker and author based in Jacksonville, Florida. We highly recommend tuning in to her Clubhouse sessions or checking out her YouTube series too

1. Who do you care for (now and/or in the past) & What is your role/relationship?

I am a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and own a Non-Medical Home Healthcare business. I help caregivers to reduce the S.O.S. on their journey.

The relationship I have to my clients is a supportive companion for sharing stories, interests, and activities.

2. When did you realize you were a caregiver?

The person I was advocating and caring for was a member of my church. She asked me to go to the hospital with her while she was having surgery.

I wasn’t familiar with the term caregiver, to be honest. I didn’t understand what it meant until the nurse at the hospital told me I was giving great care to a patient who wasn’t related to me.

3. What helps when you feel overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities?

I learned to speak new languages (hahaha). I also take naps.

I not only teach, but practice meditation in my club on Clubhouse. The club was initially a hobby for friends, but turned into a safe place for caregivers to discuss their needs for caregiving and their self-care needs for themselves.

4. What advice do you have for family caregivers in this situation?

I have four specific things I want to tell all family caregivers to think about:

  • Know & understand what you are saying YES to before you say YES.
  • Be flexible
  • Do your research on the diagnosis of the one you are taking care of to understand the accountability and responsibilities.
  • Be honest when you are no longer able to provide care.

5. What one thing you know now that you want to tell new family caregivers?

  • It’s ok to say NO.
  • It’s also ok to ask for help. Incredible things happen when you ask for help.

6. How has caregiving changed you?

Having an enduring spirit of service and nurturing.

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Roz's book Lifted is on shelves soon. We’re helping family caretakers shoulder the burden of caring for loves ones and their estate.


Roz Jones is the CEO of Jacksonville's Best Caregivers and provides short, long term and virtual in-home care. Author of Lifted.

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About the author: Roz Jones is a dedicated caretaker turned CEO with over a decade of experience in helping families care for and make decisions for loved ones and their legacy.

Through her extensive medical background, she realized the urgent need for quality health care in her area.

In 2009, she put her experience to work opening Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers to provide short, long term and virtual in-home health care.

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