Why we do what we do

We put 53 million caregivers at the center of everything we do. Progress and change is hard work.

That’s why we believe in a world where technology and data can help make the act of caregiving easier for everyone.

It’s our mission to empower each and every caregiver with the information, knowledge, resources, tips and tools they need to help others in their lives.

We’re here to help you navigate your day-to-day life as a caregiver and empower you to delegate tasks so you can still have time for yourself.


Empower caregivers with the tools they need to lighten
their load

No caregiver should feel alone in providing care. We provide the resources to help you give your best care, while still taking care of yourself.

Empower caregivers with the tools they need to lighten
Our Story

Care starts with you

CircleOf has been helping caregivers for nearly 5 years.

Our beginning was at Cisco's Hyper Innovation Living Lab. Our CEO, Michael Jordan, was asked to solve a real problem with healthcare industry leaders. The challenge was to innovate and make real health impacts with a digital solution. We began with innovating care support for cancer patients and their families. As we grew, we learned a lot and we know that CARE is a special four letter word.

Care starts with you. Create your circle
Lesson 1

Care support technology should be for everyone

From 2017 to mid 2021 CircleOf was available to people who were employed by companies or paid health insurance partners. That only helps a group of caregivers; not all.

In the COVID pandemic, many caregivers lost their jobs and insurance OR could not afford a monthly subscription fee. At the same time, their caregiving duties increased. Caregivers asked that we remove all barriers. We worked to make that happen.

Everyone deserves support and help; not just people with a job and benefits. CircleOf is FREE to everyone without reserving support features for a fortunate few.

Lesson 2

Caregivers are unique; they will support others even when they are no longer actively caregiving

Caregiver fingerprints are all over our app and we are all the better because of it. Caregivers give us direct feedback based on their experience, wisdom and perspective. They tell us what they want, need and what they wish they had.

How to get involved:
  • 1
    Download CircleOf’s mobile app and support someone who needs it
  • 2
    Check out our partners, that is how we keep the app free
  • 3
    Let us know your story and share your wisdom
  • 4
    Reach out if you have ideas that would be helpful for other family caregivers

We have an opportunity to learn from each other and help one another. CircleOf is a part of the solution and we partner with others on the same mission. Join us in supporting one another.

We work for humans who care.

Care starts with you. Create your circle.

Care starts with you.
Create your circle.